Digitising Workflow

The information on this page is intended for the DL100 judging panel to assist them in understanding why we have been nominated within the SME Category of the 2018 awards.

Live Data Feedback

Please be aware that automated order processing is completed at 08:20 Monday – Friday.
The following performance statistics are correct as at 20-09-2019 06:43:18 am.

Volume Statistics from October 2017 until 20 Sep 2019 Quantity
Volume of Emails collected by Infinitude 360 (from Jan 17 2018) 15612
Volume of Purchase Orders processed by Infinitude 360 14989
Volume of Job Cards(Work Instructions) created by Infinitude 360 27817
Volume of Labels created by Infinitude 360 23196
Volume of Rejects returned to Vispring 862
Volume of Completed Orders dispatched by Infinitude 360 17345
Total invoiced value of delivered orders where Infinitude 360 processed all aspects of the order, from order receipt to dispatch. £3,157,093.65
Speed Statistics from October 2017 until 20 Sep 2019 Time
Total processing time for purchase orders completed by Infinitude 360 116
Total processing time for Job Cards (Work Instructions) created by Infinitude 360 371
Total processing time for Labels created by Infinitude 360 39
Total processing time for all inbound orders and associated administrative tasks completed by Infinitude 360 540

Background Information

The Edgeway Group was formed in 1996 and we have developed MI systems for major UK companies such as Orange, Vodafone and The Kingfisher Group (B&Q). These systems have covered all aspects of business from schedule adhereance to stock management.

Current Project

Our current long term project is for Lang and Potter Limited where we are developing a bespoke Universal Resource and Performance Management System to manage operations and support their customer/supplier relationship with Princess Yachts, Vispring Beds, Bovis Homes, The Ministry of Defence, Clarkes Shoes, Starbucks Coffee and many other household names. This project is scheduled to last until May 2019. The majority of this project involves providing true automation of administrative tasks and offering complete transparency between the employee, employer and customer in all aspects of work.

Current Phase of Project

We are currently deploying the order processing module for Vispring Beds which started in October 2017 and due to be completed in March 2018. This phase has already seen the implimentation of the email processing service. Since January 17th 2018 15612 emails have been collected by our solution.